NO.GIFTS matches you with causes and charities that align best with your values.

1. You fill out a short questionnaire with the key details - your name and birthday, causes you're most passionate about, and your e-mail address.

2. You'll receive a note from one of our team members with a curated selection of 5 charities (with a short description) that meet your specifications. You'll e-mail us back with the three organizations you love the most, a photograph of yourself, and 1-2 sentences on what these causes mean to you and why you're going giftless.
Note: at this time, we pair you with organizations registered through our company Bridge2Act, which you can learn more about here. You can see the full list of our charities here, and nominate an organization you'd like to support. 

3. We'll send you a link to your own NO.GIFTS that you can share with your friends, family, and random Internet friends. This page will link out to a Bridge2Act donation link, which is how we'll facilitate donations to your selected nonprofits (in real-time!). We'd love for you to share your page early, often, and on multiple channels.
You can see our founder's NO.GIFTS page here.

4. One week after your birthday, we'll send you a summary of the impact you drove through your NO.GIFTS page.

Ready to get started?